Unwanted Exposure


Written by George McClellan

Political events are moving fast now. Sally Yates crapped all over Obama’s legacy, especially
the one he tells about his administration not having had a single scandal. Obama took her into
his confidence, confident she was onboard the idea that Trump had to go, and she exposed his
fingerprints all over his cunning scheme, now in tatters, to ruin his hated successors presidency.
The pieces of that plan are scattered to the winds for all to see. It’s now exposed!

Obama’s scheme, once set in motion is at a minimum, a “criminal conspiracy” to thwart the
peaceful transfer of power. Has Obama’s sneak attack on Donald Trumps presidency signaled
the end of America’s once traditional “peaceful transfer of power” following open elections?

Probably, because the Democrat party, no longer is a party that accepts Americas traditions of
Constitutional representation and was shocked to its core that it lost its political power!

They reason that Americans must be ignorant dupes to believe Trump could make America
great again after they spent eight wonderful Obama years trying to make America a client state
of the New World Order. They got Trumped’ and they can’t stand it. Republicans had their
chance to make America right again but they muffed it. I remind readers that for the entirety of
the first two years of Donald Trumps first term, he was burdened, like an Albatros dangling
around his neck by the Deep State Republicans of both houses of Congress, led by Paul Ryan,
until most House Republicans quit, abandoning their jobs to Nancy Pelosi’s Marxist clown show.

I don’t see a peaceful transition of power occurring again. Trump should easily be re-elected but
If the Democrats should return to office by the artifice of ballot harvesting, lies, fraud and deceit,
they will never, ever relinquish that power again. They will keep it even at gun point and us
ignorant dupes, if we let ’em, will have been disarmed by then! Democrats can’t be trusted,
never, ever! Neither can Americans trust the product or word of the DoJ or the FBI for having
joined Obama’s scheme to make America socialist by their criminal connivence.

Actively scheming to thwart a new Presidents administration has never been done before and
now, it will forever be recognized on the books as a political ploy that Marxist Democrats will use
to keep power until American nationalism, independence and self-assurance is finally
eradicated once and for all, for the benefit of all nations of course!

American nationalism, independence and self-assurance are something no other government in
the world enjoys and that’s why other people want to come here. Marxists want to diminish the
influence of those people who truly want to become Americans by flooding the legal routes in
with the worlds poorest wretches, Jihadists, and disease ridden supplicants with no idea
whatever of what Americanism really means. Democrats need ’em! America doesn’t!

Republicans are focusing on Joe Biden’s sexual assault complaint of thirty years ago. They’re
barking up the wrong tree. They must demand Biden explain his role in the Oval Office
conspiracy to stop Trump. They know he was there in the Oval Office meeting between Obama,
Comey and Yates. He should be asked: “What he know and when did he know it?”

I see many ways to stop it and so do you but, our natural American instincts to resist and fight
back has been seriously dampened by the sissyfication of the American male. We’re overrun by
a “Snowflake Culture” content on letting government solve all their problems. Most know nothing
of depravation, hunger or of living in fear of a political system that is supported by a police state.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

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