The Middle Class, Despotism and the Argument for Term Limits


Written by George McClellan

Bats recently entered our daily lexicon because the Chinese have tried to blame a “Wet Market”
in Wuhan, where bats and other odd creatures are sold alive for later consumption to local
citizens, as the source of the China Virus that is supposedly now ravaging the world. Nobody
else I know of eats bats except perhaps aborigines in the outback or the odd starving tribe of
African natives who have arrived culturally, at their highest level of societal achievement. Taking
advantage of this alleged endemic, Pelosi and Schumer’s refusal to launch the Paycheck
Protection Plan is another Democrat blow to eliminate the middle class.

I do not diminish the impact this "virus" has had in America, but as the pandemic seems to be
subsiding and data on afflicted and dead citizens seems to be falling below the annual deaths
rates by flu, suggests that we’ve been panicked by”experts” and Leftists politicians almost into
a self-destruction mode, like Lemmings headed over a cliff following their leaders.

This virus presented the ideal situation for vile politicians like Pelosi and Schumer, to maintain
the fiction that Trumps wonderful economy is in ruins because of his ineptitude, and it would
therefore be better for all if the Democrat Party filled the governing needs of Americans. It’s the
Communist goal to eliminate the middle class. Socialism is the first step. Under the panic
situation created to bring down Donald Trump, Pelosi, expects taxpayers to first fund the far left
unions and Blue State retirement programs, bills she could never get passed otherwise.

The Democrat party’s Marxist philosophy can no longer be shielded from criticism or its
attendant laughter by claiming they too are Americans and their programs should be seriously
considered and funded by Congress for the good of the children, the homeless and the their
illegals. She really means that your tax dollars should support Illegal aliens over Americans.
Pelosi remains adamant on thwarting the recovery of Americas greatest economy by refusing to
extend funding of the Paycheck Protection Plan, allowing the middle-class to slide into poverty.

Schumer and Joe concur so, unless the citizens of the several States force their Governors to
re-open and the Blue States governors and mayors reverse their unconstitutional edicts, the
economy will continue to flounder, a great percentage of Americans will remain unemployed and
the tax bases will shrink potentially driving government into the hands of radical Socialists.
Pelosi’s actions show that no matter how well-intentioned a politician or bureaucrat tell you they
are, they still don’t know everything and the more far-reaching their attempts to control things,
the more likely it is for them to make big mistakes. Democrats do it all the time. Politicians focus
on how they look to their voters, what will appeal to their self interests (greed), and how to bribe
or pander their voters to fulfill these needs.This concept is rarely mentioned so corrupt
politicians remain in office, a good reason to have Congressional term limits.

People who believe it’s Congress’ role to work out the broad goals and let the bureaucratic
Deep State develop schemes to achieve them, should reconsider. All socialist states, even
Pelosi’s dream state, will ultimately turn to totalitarism, in its failures, to keep control. That won’t
be stopped without a revolution by its citizens. In America, it won’t happen because most
Americans want to be left alone and not get involved in violence. In this virus pandemic, we’ve
seen multiple petty dictators, in the guise of Governors and Mayors, rise up as tin pot despots
ordering the closure of nearly everything to the detriment of the middle class. We’ve been
conned and it will happen again because we choose to be lemmings.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

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