Wanted men found and charged in Haralson County

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PRESS RELEASE – The Haralson County Sheriff’s Office’s Crime Suppression Unit and Criminal Investigative Division have been searching the last few days for wanted person, Jarod Mattingly.

Mattingly was wanted for Aggravated Assault, Theft by Taking and for a Probation Violation for VGCSA and Obstruction.

Today, they followed a lead to one house and arrested wanted person Thomas Beck. Beck was wanted for Theft by Taking.

After that arrest, intel was developed for Mattingly’s location at another address.

Deputies went to that address and when they approached the residence, Mattingly ran out the back and into the woods. After a foot chase, Mattingly was taken into custody.

Jarod Daniel Mattingly, a 35-year-old B/M out of Temple GA, has been arrested and is facing his outstanding charges of Aggravated Assault, Theft by Taking, and Probation Violation.

Mattingly will also face an Obstruction charge for running today.

Thomas Franklin Beck, a 46-year-old W/M out of Buchanan, GA was arrested and is facing his outstanding charge for Theft by Taking.

“If you are wanted in Haralson County, we will continue to search for you until you are arrested to face the charges you have against you,” states Sheriff Stacy Willliams. “The Crime Suppression Unit is under the command of Captain Scott Chandler. This group of dedicated deputies will continue to hunt wanted persons no matter what time of day or night it is. They will not stop; you will face the consequences of your criminal actions.”

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