Animal cruelty investigation in Haralson County

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HARALSON COUNTY, Ga. – The Harrison County Sheriff’s Office is actively working an animal cruelty investigation after animals were found at a Haralson County residence in a neglected state, with some of the animals found deceased.

A complaint came to HCSO on Sunday, June 25, regarding the a concern for his neighbor’s animals.

The complainant stated that he had not seen his neighbor in a week and he was therefore concerned about the state of the animals he knew were kept in the backyard, according to a post from the HCSO.

HCSO then dispatched one of its officers, Sgt. Jarred Taylor, to check the residence located at 123 James Street in reference to Cruelty to Animals.

“Sgt. Taylor walked into the backyard and found two dogs that appeared to be dehydrated and malnourished and they were in a small pen and had no water or food except for what the neighbor had just given to them. Sgt. Taylor went to a second small pen and observed two deceased goats with no food or water. There was a third pen with a chicken house with two dead chickens and one that was still alive”, according to the post.

After the discovery of the state of the animals, Animal Control was contacted and came and got the living animals and removed the dead animal carcasses.

Warrants were then secured against the animal owner, who has now been identified as Brande Shaw.

Shaw is a 26-year-old white female from Tallapoosa, GA. She has turned herself in and has been charged with four counts of Aggrieved Cruelty to Animals and one count of Cruelty to Animals.

She has been released on $11,000 bond.

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